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The Human Approach to IT

Haloed Solutions was created to change the way small businesses get IT support. We believe that technology should drive business. However, many small business owners are afraid to take the next step in technology. It doesn’t help that many are burned from bad support. That’s why we’re here to change that. By doing business with us you are not just a client you are family, we’ll take care of your IT and make sure you have the best service possible. We are the Human Approach to IT. Why? Because we treat you like a friend and not a ticket.

People ≠ Tickets

We want to deliver the best support possible. It’s critical when your business relies on the technology you use every day. To do this, we go against the traditional means of IT support and treat you like a person – not a ticket. We take an individualized and empathetic approach to how we support every member of your staff. Not every business is the same, and for that reason, we don’t believe in a cookie-cutter solution.

Holistic Solutions

Our service offering is holistic. We want to make sure our “Halo” covers you. This is to ensure you get the best service possible and have productive and secure staff and IT Infrastructure.

Our Color

We obsess over the color purple. Why? We want our service to make you feel like royalty. Providing our expertise’s luxury to help you drive your business’s vision as your trusted technology partner. Technology can be stressful, so why should support be too? Leave the stress behind and consider having a little more purple in your life.

John Ivey of Haloed Solutions
John Ivey - Owner of Haloed Solutions

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