PurpleHalo Managed IT Support

When you need support we’re not out to nickel and dime you. We want to make sure you have everything you need for just one price. Plus some extras

Don’t you hate not being able to know how much your IT is going to cost you? Maybe you’re afraid to call for support because your current provider charges you some crazy rate by the hour?

We don’t want you to have to worry about any of that. That’s why we created the PurpleHalo. With PurpleHalo Managed Support we support all of your company’s devices and support your staff for just one predictable price.

What's Included?

We thought you might ask. PurpleHalo Managed Support comes with all the “Managed IT” bells and whistles you’d expect plus more.

This includes things like:

Oh! Did we mention our time is included?

That’s right! No more putting off an issue because it’ll cost you an arm and a leg. We’re here to help!


PurpleHalo Support is priced per seat. This means any staff member that actively uses any supported devices.

Yes, to make sure we provide maximum value the minimum seat count is 5.


No, there are no long term contracts. PurpleHalo Support is Month-to-Month. We only ask that you give us 60 days in advanced if you decide to cancel.

Yes, onboarding is generally 50% of the monthly cost. It’s only charged the first month, and sometimes waived completely.

The first month usually requires a lot of labor. This includes things like, network assessments, documentation, staff orientation, security awareness training, email migration, and hardware installation.

No, we don’t have hidden fees. We have an onboarding fee that we are very clear about. There are other services we provide, but we will never charge you without consent. We may recommend replacing computer hardware periodically, some may see this as a “fee” but we will only take action with full approval.